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Injecting a New Dimension into PM&F

PM&F strengthens its position in the forming field by adding editorial focusing on injection molding.

 by Karen M. Koenig

If you’ve read Publisher Harry Urban’s Final Cut column in this month’s issue, you’ll realize that secondary plastics processors are doing “whatever it takes” to get more business.
This is not a trend limited to just machine shops or contract fabricators. A recent survey of more than 200 PM&F readers found that many of the companies classifying themselves as thermoformers, extruders and distributors are expanding their services to include injection molding and other types of processes.

Injection molding equipment topped the list of planned equipment purchases, with 20% of the respondents saying they plan to purchase an injection molding machine during the next year. Also high on the list of planned purchases were: CNC machining centers (14%), grinders/granulators (13%), band saws (11%), CNC routers/trimmers (10%), thermoforming equipment (9%), finishing/decorating/printing equipment (8%), CNC lathes (8%), milling machines (8%), sanding equipment (7%) and CNC panel saws (7%).

And for those of you wondering just how much these companies are planning to spend, 61% said they plan to spend between $50,000-$99,999; 23% plan to spend between $100,000 and $499,999; and 12% said they’re budgeting expenditures of more than $500,000.

While it costs money to make money, these added value processes are going to bring new marketing and profit potential to these companies.

And speaking of added value...

As we noted in our July/August issue, the industry buzzword going into 2001 is “value-added.” We’ve noted it, and now we’re responding to it.

Starting with the January/February issue, our tag line and editorial content will be revamped to reflect the growing trend in value-added molding and fabricating. More so than ever, every issue of PM&F will feature companies adding value to their products, whether in the molding process or through secondary machining and fabricating.

So keep an eye out for our future issues. And in the meantime, have a happy and healthy new year.

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