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Injection Molding Innovations

New Multimedia Control System for Molders

Editor’s note: PM&F presents a new column highlighting new products and innovations for the injection molding industry.

It’s not yet ready for “Beam me up, Scotty!” but a new patented plastics machinery control offers a variety of shop-floor processing solutions, including Internet-based One Touch video conferencing with the company’s process support center.

Milacron’s XTREEM plastics machinery control brings new shop-floor processing solutions, including Internet-based OneTouch video-conferencing.
“We can’t ‘beam’ an operator out of a tight situation, but we can ‘beam in’ face-to-face support from a real process expert, right on the machine’s control screen,” says Bill Gruber, president of Ferromatik Milacron North America.

Milacron, for example, offers the XTREEM control system, available with the following capabilities: VoicePad, which allows the operator to record an “audio memo” for attachment to a mold file.

VideoPad, which enables streaming video or still photos to be attached to another file. For example, part defects/features or mold set-up can be explained and demonstrated in video.

VoiceCounselor, which records audio tips and troubleshooting directions. They can be selectively attached to the control’s messages, faults and alarms to help the operator.

VideoCounselor, which is similar to VoiceCounsel. It allows streaming video to be captured and attached to faults, alarms, etc. These voice and/or video “tips” can be invoked for the operator when specific situations or faults arise.

Remote diagnostics via the Internet or Ethernet, allows a process expert to look at all the operating parameters of the machine, as if standing at the control. It allows the remote to troubleshooter to change the setup, if the operator consents. Additionally, real-time oscilloscope functions provide remote measurement plots of machine performance, without the purchase of separate diagnostic equipment.

“Plastics machines now bring low-cost ‘office PC’ solutions and networking to the shop floor using the same technology and human resources as the office computer network. More importantly, shop floor production systems can be easily networked into the customer’s business information systems to facilitate E-commerce, order entry and reporting, while providing dozens of new process features as well,.” Gruber says.

“This commonality between shop and office systems leverages the customer’s investment in software, computer support and training,” Gruber says.

For more information about this system, contact Milacron at (888) 645-2276 or visit

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