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Final Cut

How to Beat The Slowdown

Tell us your success stories.

By Harry Urban

The common thread amongst the 25,000 subscribers of this magazine is more complex than the fact that they are all involved one way or another in the plastics industry. The business of value-added plastics processing is what ties our reader base and editorial direction together. PM&F readers do more than just mold or cut plastics.

For example:
• They mold and fabricate state-of-the-art automotive parts.
• They form and fabricate high-end POP displays.
• They mold, weld and decorate leading-edge electronics.
• They machine engineering plastics for medical devices.

What Recession?

During the last economic slowdown (in 1991) I spoke to a job shop owner who was enjoying a record year of revenues and profits. His secret was his philosophy, “We hear there’s a recession but we have decided not to participate in it.” The manufacturer was so diversified and flexible in terms of automation that he was not beholden to any one customer or market niche.

Avoiding the current economic doldrums is easier said than done. With the U.S. economy dealing us higher costs, intense foreign competition and comatose markets, it’s getting very tough to maneuver.

But the opportunities are there for molders and fabricators. This magazine is aimed at providing you with brain food in the form of success stories and technological innovations to make you as profitable as possible.

Welcome To Our New Readers

In January we added 10,000 new subscribers to our circulation, most of whom are involved in injection molding. If you are a new subscriber I welcome you and thank you for your time. Let me also invite you to take advantage of two of our interactive features:

• E-Info — An online reader service system that complements our traditional “Bingo Card” system found in the magazine. Log onto to to inquire about editorial listings and advertisements found in the magazine. Click on the “E-Info” logo to receive immediate information from the key suppliers to the industry.

• forum — Looking for a used machine or help with a process? Visitors from all over the world have participated in the forum for more than four years now. Take a few minutes each day to browse the forum. It’s a great site to help you keep up to speed with your peers.

We’d Love To Hear From You

Do you fit the profile of the successful companies regularly featured in PM&F? If you’d like us to consider profiling your company in an upcoming issue please contact me at (800) 343-2016 or

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