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What’s in a Name?

Coming in September:
Plastics Molding & Fabricating

By Harry Urban

Since its launch in 1996, Plastics Machining & Fabricating has addressed the value-added sector of secondary plastics processing. All disciplines of plastics processing, from forming and fabricating to welding and finishing, have been part of our unique editorial mix.

Plastics processing in the 21st century requires manufacturers to be diverse and on top of technological trends. An important trend that we uncovered in a recent research project is that not only do the majority of our readers perform a whole host of secondary plastics processing, but most of them are also heavily involved in injection molding. In fact, our research showed injection molding equipment is Number One on the list for top machines and accessories planned for purchase in the next 12 months. Not surprisingly, second on the wish list is CNC machining centers.

It has been our mission to report on important innovations in injection molding, such as the all-electric trend and case histories such as our reports on Lear Corp., Pulsar Plastics and Stack Plastics, the latter of which is featured in this issue. Similarly, our CNC machining coverage in terms of case studies and a wide range of fabricating articles, has been our hallmark. In addition we cover several other key areas:

• Material properties and specifications
• Milling machines, routers and trimmers
• CNC panel saws and sawing equipment
• Cutting tools
• Thermoforming machines and accessories
• Printing and decorating equipment

To further confirm our commitment to injection molding, while at the same time maintaining our focus on the machining and fabricating market, we are changing our name to “Plastics Molding & Fabricating,” effective with our September issue. This is a small but important step for us and for the market.

Each issue will still be packed with technical articles and case histories dedicated to fabricators and machine shops. But within the same pages we will be addressing one of the common threads among the majority of our readers — injection molding technology.

Just like our in-depth coverage of other areas of value-added plastics processing, our coverage of injection molding focuses on true leading technology. More and more, our readers are looking for succinct information, a one-stop place where they can find quick answers to their questions for information on technology, news and markets. PM&F aims to be the industry’s information clearinghouse. - More than 450 visitors daily

Want to buy or sell used machinery? Looking for help with a technical problem. Would you like to have the industry’s suppliers at your fingertips? Check out Visits to our Web site have been growing exponentially. Daily visitors frequent our online forum to post questions about technology and to buy and sell equipment. Other popular areas include the PM&F online buyers guide and E-Info, where you can obtain instant information about our advertisers or the products featured in our issues.

See you there!

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