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Poly Concepts has found success in designing and manufacturing high purity products and chemical process equipment to customer satisfaction.
Poly Concepts Inc.
Sherwood, OR
(503) 625-2251

1998 Sales $3,978,560
1999 Sales: $ 6,592,260
2000 Sales:14,073,000
2000 Sales Increase: 113%
Projected Sales 2001: +25%
Expectations for 2002: Good
Established: 1995
Employees: 123
Industries Served:
Designs and manufactures high purity products and chemical process equipment to customer specifications.
New equipment: An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and additional CNC equipment have been purchased in the past two years to enhance our supply chain.
Materials used: acrylic, nylon, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, PVDF, PFA and CPVC
Services: Fabricator and machine shop
Factor contributing to success: New product development
Roxanne S. Frye, VP Corporate Development
“We are a designer and manufacturer of high-purity products and chemical process equipment. We cooperate with our customers, vendors, and suppliers in manufacturing process solutions for high-purity and chemical environments, meeting and exceeding expectations for quality, delivery and cost on all manufactured and produced products. In the past four years we have grown from a 2,000-sq ft. to a 20,000-sq.ft. facility, and from two employees to more than 40. Paving the way for our success has been product development. PCI is constantly developing new products for our customers who depend on us to supply them with the latest technology based upon new raw materials, processing technologies and life cycle assessments.”

Production Enzzo S.A. de c.v.
Monterrey, Mexico
Production Enzzo S. A., which saw its sales in 2000 jump 100%, produces P.O.P. products much likje this Coca-Cola sign by screen printing and vacuum forming acrylic, polystyrene, PVC and vinyl.

1998 Sales: $230,000
1999 Sales: $500,000
2000 Sales: $1,000,500
2000 Sales Increase: 100%
Projected Sales 2001: +100%
Expectations for 2002: Best Ever
Established: 1998
Employees: 35
Industries Served:
POP Displays and Store Fixtures
New equipment: In the last two years Production Enzzo has bought 2 automatic screen printing presses, a vacuum forming machine and all the equipment needed to work with and are expecting 2 more screen printing machines in the next 2 months.
Materials used: Acrylic, polystyrene, PVC, Vinyl
Services: Thermoforming
Jose Timoteo Rosales - General Manager/President

“We produce P.O.P. products by screen printing and vacuum forming. Employee skills and their dedication have been integral in our growth. The people working here have dedication and want to learn new things every day.”

Elements 2001 Inc.
Santa Cruz, CA
(831) 477-9224

1998 Sales: $700,000
1999 Sales: 800,000
2000 Sales: $1,600,500
2000 Sales Increase: 100%
Projected Sales 2001: +1%
Expectations for 2002: Good
Established: 1995
Employees: 13
Industries Served:
contract furniture, medical, store fixture, RFID
New equipment: CNC mill, CNC saw, Point-To-Point, dust collector, edgebander
Materials used: ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate, polypropylene, PVC, delrin, plastic laminates, structural foam
Services: Fabrication, machine shop
Business: Precision acrylic assemblies, panel processing, fixtures
Factor contributing to success: Fast turnaround
Alan Stormes - General Manager

Midwest Fixture Group
Anoka, MN
(800) 635-8070

1998 Sales: $4,284,000
Midwest Fixture Group acquired the sporting goods display division of Loomis Plastics and has continued with the line of bat, fishing rod and pool cue display products has being used by sporting goods manufacturers and retailers around the world. Virtually unbreakable molded arms fit pegboard or slatwall and hold 12 bats, fishing rods or cues securely using only 5" of wall space.
1999 Sales: $5,464,000
2000 Sales: 9,203,000
2000 Sales Increase: 68%
Projected Sales 2001: +20%
Expectations for 2002: Good
Established: 1994
Employees: 60
Industries Served: Store fixtures and point-of-purchase displays
New equipment: (2) Komo twin-table CNC routers and a Hendrick CNC panel saw
Materials used: ABS, acrylic, PETG, polystyrene
Awards: Target Corp. 1999 Fixture Vendor of the Year
Services: fabricating, thermoforming
Business: Midwest Fixture Group offers a wide range of merchandising systems and custom manufacturing capabilities, employing cutting-edge technology like CAD/CAM and 3D design software; laser and CNC production equipment; and EDI, bar-coding and secure internet information transfer sites.
Factor contributing to success: Increased productivity with the introduction of CNC equipment and design technology.
Wylt Chipman - President:
“Midwest Fixture Group began in 1994 with 4 employees in a 3,000 square foot shop. Today, we have over 60,000 square feet, 60 employees and over $1 million in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. This has been achieved by building solid partnerships with our customers by listening to their needs and delivering what we promise. Innovative solutions. Proven performance. That's why in 1997 Midwest Fixture Group was recognized by Dun & Bradstreet as the 63rd fastest growing new company in America. That's how we won Target Corporation's coveted Fixture Vendor of the Year Award in 1999. And that's why 3 of the 15 fastest growing retailers in America have invited us to be partners in their growth. We recognize every order for what it is-a responsibility and an opportunity. The responsibility to provide a quality product delivered on time. And the opportunity to justify the buyer's trust.”

We integrate CAD/CAM/CIM technology with the latest CNC manufacturing equipment. Our twin-table CNC routers operate at speeds up to 1,000 inches per minute while maintaining tolerances of +/- 4/10,000's of an inch. We also utilize a CO2 laser, computerized panel saw, press brakes, thermoforming equipment and various other tools all in the hands of a dedicated staff of talented people.

Triple S Plastics Inc.
Portage, MI
(616) 968-4200

1999 Sales: $95,102,000
2000 Sales: $155,168,000
Triple S has locations in Vicksburg, MI, Brewster, NY, Georgetown, TX and Fort Worth, TX as well as Battle Creek, MI, which includes 64,000 square feet
of space and 29 Injection Molding Presses.
2000 Sales Increase: 63%
Projected Sales 2001: +20%
Expectations for 2002: Very Good
Established: 1969
Employees: 150
Industries Served:
Triple S Plastics Inc. is a plastics engineering services company serving the telecommunications, automotive and other industries with manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Texas, New York and Brazil.
CR Bard Self Certification Status
CR Bard Certified Supplier Award
TTC - "No Lost Time - 1997" from the Michigan Safety Council
TTC - "Lowest Incidence Rate" from the Michigan Safety Council
TTC - "No Lost Time - 1998" from the Michigan Safety Council
GBC Preferred Supplier
Stryker Patient Handling Division - Certified Vender
Chapter of APICS - Customer of the Year
Leader in School-to-Work Movement by the National Employer Leadership Council
Stryker Instruments -100% Club Member
ISO 9002
United Way - Silver, Bronze and Gold Achievement Recognition
Services: Rapid prototyping and design models, mold design and engineering services, mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, and post molding assembly and finishing operations.
Chris Schauer - CEO

“Since 1969, we have been providing full service solutions to our customers. As part of our continued commitment to our customers, Triple S Plastics has undergone a few changes this past year, adding a new 60,000 square feet facility in Ft. Worth, Texas and have added space to our Georgetown, Texas facility. We are moving into expanded facility at our Dynacept rapid prototyping business and will expand that business' services to include custom molding. People, service and solutions are the foundation of our passionate commitment to you, our customer. Our employees have worked very hard during these past two years in adjusting to this rapid growth and to exceeding our customers' expectations. We are committed to being the best in our industry and are positioning ourselves to serve an ever-expanding list of growing and technologically progressive customers."

While it was once thought that wood and steel were the only viable mateiral for golf course accessories, Eco-Lumber, which is made from recycled polyethylene, is now known to be the most durable, weather resistant option available.
Great Lakes Products
Delafield, WI
(800) 505-7926

1998 Sales: $725,000
1999 Sales: $1,300,000
2000 Sales: $2,100,000
2000 Sales Increase: 62%
Projected Sales 2001: +35%
Expectations for 2002: Good
Established: 1997
Employees: 20
Industries Served:
Golf courses, municipalities, state and city parks etc.
New equipment: High production saws and drilling equipment
Materials used: Polyethylene
Services: Fabrication
Business: Manufacture golf course accessories, park amenities made from recycled plastic (eco-lumber). Rope stakes, hazard and out of bounce markers, divot mix/waste enclosures, tee markers, driving range products, benches, water cooler enclosures and signage.
Factor contributing to success: New product development
Matt Morse - President

“We have continually expanded our product line in order to give our customers more opportunities to buy recycled plastic products.”

Romarc Corporation
Plumsteadville, PA
(800) 755-2572

1998 Sales: $2,128,440
1999 Sales: $2,016,034
2000 Sales: $3,139,908
2000 Sales Increase: 56%
Projected Sales 2001: +30%
Expectations for 2002: Good
Established: 1973
Employees: 22
Industry’s served:
New equipment: Pin engraver, upgraded CNC router
Materials used: Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PE, PP, Polystyrene and PVC.
Services: Fabrication of plastics and foams for industrial applications, manufacturing cryogenic neckplugs and safety covers for back up power systems among other items; Product development: from concept through material selection, testing, prototypes, and production; Short-run production/rapid prototyping; Close tolerance cutting; High precision CNC production drilling - routing - cutting; Thermobending: up to four simultaneous bends, wide range of angles; Laminating, In-house graphics/hot stamping in foil, pigment inks, or labeling; ISO 9002 certification pending
Business: Medical: Thermal insulation, including cryogenics; Transportation Industry:  air deflectors; Marine: flotation equipment; for instrumentation and underwater robotics. Applications in fresh and ocean waters; specific acid and petroleum products; Power Generation: fire-retardant electrical shields; solar or clear; for batteries or other electrical equipment; Warehouse Distribution: Impact-resistant door panels for dry and low-temperature buildings.
Factors contributing to success: Employee Skills/Dedication
Joan Saalfrank - President
“Each person within Romarc has dedicated themselves to serving the needs of the customer. This attitude has permeated every level of the organization. It has been accomplished through embracing an internal teamwork concept increasing both quality and efficiency.”

Skape Consult PLC
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

1998 Sales: $70,000
1999 Sales: $ 80,000
2000 Sales: $120,000
2000 Sales Increase: 50%
Projected Sales 2001: +5%
Expectations for 2002: Bad
Established: 1997
Employees: 25

Industries Served: Medical and store fixture markets
Materials used: Nylon, PE, polystyrene and PVC
Services: Injection molding, thermoforming, fabricator
Factors Contributing to Success: Quality control improvements.
Semeneh Kelel

Beaver State Plastics Inc.
Drain, OR
(800) 578-2203

1998 Sales: $1,331,000
1999 Sales: $1,187,000
2000 Sales: $1,730,000
Insert molding products in plastic or thermo rubber receive an insert of wire or metal. Beaver Plastics' multi section table in an important component of this process, allowing faster, more efficient production.
2000 Sales Increase: 46%
Projected Sales 2001: +10%
Expectations for 2002: Good
Established: 1972
Employees: 20
Industries Served:
Automotive, transportation, electronic, semi-conductor and medical
New equipment: Boring mill, Kawaguchi injection press, VanDorn injection press with robotics, Milacron injection press, several measurement devices and scales
Materials used: ABS, acrylic, nylon, PC, PE, polypropylene, PS and PVC
Services: Injection molder, fabricator, thermoformer, machine shop
Business: Plastic injection molding and machine shop for tool and die production. Mostly industrial, bike parts, food industry, health care, security, pet supplies, irrigation and car replacement parts.
Factor contributing to success: Increased productivity
Shiela Yoder - Office Manager:
“Word of mouth advertising has brought in a lot of new customers and over a long period of time, our customers have gone through huge growth spurts.

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