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September Injection Molding Innovation

New Electric Tiebarless Machine
Introduced by Engel

The first electric tiebarless machine for the injection molding industry has been developed by Engel. The machine was introduced to the plastics industry this summer.

The new Engel e-motion integrates existing tiebarless technology — the capacity to use larger molds in a smaller machine combined with quicker mold changes — with the benefits of an all-electric drive injection molding machine.

According to Kurt Fenske, vice president of sales and marketing for Engel North America, the company has been involved in tiebarless technology for more than 12 years. “Until now, however, the market has forced molders to choose between the advantages of tiebarless and electric. Moving into the electric machine market with our tiebarless offering (was) the next logical step.”

Features of the new e-motion injection molder include:

Tiebarless frame. The frame design is based on the robust, time-tested C-frame of the Engel hydraulic tiebarless, with the following difference: the patented Flexlink mechanical compensation linkage is mounted behind the stationary platen instead of behind the moving platen. This combination of the frame and compensation linkage offers platen parallelism and centricity.
Five-point toggle. The clamp unit includes a high-speed, five-point toggle powered by a servo motor and planetary gearbox which offers longer life and less maintenance compared to a ball screw, Engel says.

Independent drives. Independent, fast-acting servo drives provide simultaneous operation of all machine functions, delivering reportedly faster cycle times and higher molding productivity, the company claims.

CC100 controller. The e-motion uses the same basic CC100 controller as the rest of Engel’s machine line, plus Micrographplus, PD Graphics & Reports and Autoprotect software.

The e-motion molders are available with clamp forces of 60, 110 and 165 tons. For more information, contact Engel at (519) 836-0220.

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