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November/December Feature

Donnelly Images

Donnelly keeps samples of not only acceptable parts they mold, but also samples from any defective part molded. “If there happens to be a defect that has a propensity to be made, we keep a sample of that part so we know what to look for if it happens again,” says Kirscht. Donnelly molds nearly 2,000 different parts, 500 of which are on a regular schedule.
Shawn Kane, molding operator, stacks motor shields flame retardant polyester, TPFRIM, from Polymer Resources, after being molded from a 1993 Mitsubishi MJ-110 720 ton press.
Donnelly purchased this North Star Imaging 80kV Microfocus X-ray machine in order to be able to conduct nondestructive test methods for a specific product they were producing for a customer. The part previously had 45 different secondary operations. After the purchase of the X-ray machine, that number was down to five. The machine specifically checks internal voids which can form in thick sections of parts and contribute to part failure by thinning of the engineered wall thickness. A nondestructive test method is required to review parts for this parameter. “We bought this for a specific customer, but we can also use the machine for half a dozen other customers and parts as well,” says Kirscht. “We expanded our capabilities to meet the need of the customer and often times that is how we expand, by purchasing new equipment, becoming efficient on it and perfect it and use it to find new customers.
The War Room

Getting its name from “War on Waste,” the war room at Donnelly focuses on the previous 24 hours of operation and the next 24 hours and even though they have incorporated a new IQMS manufacturing system, the board still gets utilized to solve short-term and long-term problems that arise.

“In 1996 we switched to a linear, visual time-based scheduling board that would track each of the machines running, hours lost due to inefficiency, material scrap and identify the problems,” says Kirscht. “These problems got assigned a short-term corrective action and more often then not, within 24 hours, the problem was solved and closed. Everyday the short-term problems are observed and since April, 1997, we opened 2551 short-term corrective actions of which only 4 have not been closed. We also have long-term corrective actions and since April, 1997, 120 long term problems were observed, which are looked at once a week. If we take care of 2 to 5 things each day, it will be a better place and this method has really become a discipline that has stuck with us.”

Shown above is Brad Andrist, left, Molding Manager, writing down a short term problem that has been solved. Steve Johnson, Production Scheduler, right, no longer manages the production of each machine on the War Room board since Donnelly’s installation of the IQMS manufacturing system. Since the transition, on time delivery is at 97% and a major boost in monitoring production schedules has been seen.

Donnelly molds this top cover used on fluid dispensing equipment by molding the base part out of Triax 2153 from Bayer and then overmolding the Top Cover with Hytrel 4056 from Dupont. A 1995 Mitsubishi MJ-5C 120 Ton press is used for both operations prior to sonic welding a polycarbonate lens in to the top cover using a Dukane Ultra 2000 Autotrack sonic welder.
This part (Main Board Cover) is molded out of a modified ABS on Donnelly’s 2000 Toshiba EC110 electric press, and goes through a 4 step coating process to provide EMI shielding. The first step is an electroless nickel coating 0.0002 inches thick, followed by 0.030-inch of electrolytic copper, 0.030 inch of electrolytic satin nickel, and finally a 0.0004 inch layer of chrome. They follow that up by sonic welding two inserts with their Ducane Ultra 2000 Autotrack sonic welder.
This fluid cover is molded out of Acetal ACS4-03-4 from Ticona. Donnelly molds it in a 2000 Toshiba EC110 Electric. After molding, they machine the bore and sealing surface on a 1997 Fanuc Roboshot CNC (below).

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