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Port Royal, PA ­ The Case IH Foundry Plant (CIHFP), of Racine, Wisconsin, produces castings for the companyıs agricultural and construction equipment. The grinding of these castings create gray iron waste fragments that must be collected and removed from the machining area to eliminate scrap build-up that interferes with efficient finishing operations. Minute airborne iron particles can sometimes find their way into sleeve and bearing compartments inside machine tools, wearing down performance and machine life.

In an abrasive environment like this one, the performance of the CIHFP Axle Housing Grinder depends on its internal conveying system, the Model 850 Air-Operated Transporter by Vibro Industries of Port Royal, PA. Scrap is removed (or ³transported²) away from the machine along a product tray (or chute) fitted to the Model 850. The principle behind the Vibro Transporter is its pneumatic cylinder design that operates on low air pressure to move trays back and forth at high speed, causing the material to steadily and quietly advance in one direction. On the slow-accelerated forward stroke, material is transported forward. During the rapid return-stroke, material remains stationary, thus ensuring constant movement in one direction.

Russ Milner, Journeyman Millwright with over 30 years experience and the man most responsible for the day-to-day maintenance at CIHFP, is very satisfied with the way the Vibro Transporter has performed. ³Our Model 850 is worked eight hours per day, five days per week during production,² Milner explained. ³In spite of this abrasive environment, our Model 850 has operated without fail ever since it was installed seven years ago.²

Guy Korponai, Manager of Maintenance at CIHFP, appreciates the value behind the Model 850. ³Cost, reliability and serviceability is the most important criteria in selecting production-line equipment here at Case IH,² Korponai explains. ³Vibro Transporters run on air pressure alone. Air pressure costs less to generate. Sound is also an issue, and these units operate very quietly. Our Vibro unit has been in service for many years, so itıs certainly reliable² he said. Korponai believes Vibro Transporters would be good choice for other Case IH manufacturing plants. ³Depending on the application, Iım quite sure that it could be adapted,² he said. ³I would recommend Vibro Transporters to other Case IH production managers²

In addition to being an integral component of the CIHFP Axle Housing Grinder, Vibro Transporters can be found in a wide variety of conveying applications in manufacturing operations worldwide. Vibro Transporters are offered in four models and they provide distinct benefits over conventional belt conveyors. First, their compact size fits easily into very tight spaces ­ making them an excellent choice for removing scrap from beneath machine tools. Second, they carry a big punch in a very small package. The Model 850 weighs only 47 lbs. (21.3 kgs.), yet it can move more than 500 pounds (227 kgs.) of load and 100 pounds (45 kgs.) of tray weight with just 3.4 CFM air consumption (certified at half the air consumption of other models). If you choose, you can also mount multiple trays to a single unit ­ replacing several conventional belt conveyors. Plus, every model provides accurate control over the rate of travel speed (Model 850 offers variable speed control from 15 to 40 feet per minute). All Vibro Transporters are made entirely in the USA and come with a 2-year warranty. More information on the Model 850 Air-Operated Transporter is available online at:

Leroy Johnson, president of Vibro Industries, first introduced the Transporter in 1985. Vibro Transporters are adaptable to existing production lines and can transport a wide range of materials quietly and efficiently, without the downtime typically required for clean-up and repair attributed to ordinary belt conveyers. Best of all, Model 850 Transporters of today cost no more than their 1994 counterparts, providing exceptional value.

For additional information, contact:

Vibro Industries,

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Port Royal, PA 17082

Phone: 717.527.2094

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