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CYRO Announces Third Price Increase for ACRYLITE Polymers in
100 Days


Rockaway, NJ –July 26, 2004 – Due to escalating manufacturing costs, CYRO Industries announces that, effective with shipments on or after August 9, 2004, prices for all grades of ACRYLITE® acrylic polymers and ACRYLITE PLUS® impact acrylic polymers will increase by $0.08 /lb. This represents the third price increase in 100 days. The first price increase took effect May 3, increasing polymer prices by $0.08 per pound. The second increase took effect June 23 and raised the price by $0.05 per pound.

Supply imbalances specific to upstream raw material feedstocks in combination with domestic and global demand requirements, which exceed available capacities, continue to drive significant cost pressures onto acrylic based polymers. Further, the export demand to Asia is aggravating the situation and is encouraged by the weak US dollar vs. the Euro. MMA sales restrictions and subsequent MMA price increases have also been incurred, but cannot be absorbed.

The cost of acetone already at historic highs will move even higher as the result of a recently announced price increase for the 3rd quarter. Should raw material, energy and transportation cost escalations experienced to date continue during the 2nd half of 2004, cost pressures will increase.

CYRO is diligently working to identify and implement productivity programs and cost savings initiatives in an attempt to control and minimize the effects of these increases. The company is committed to its customers, and to their specific polymer requirements and long-term success.

Headquartered in Rockaway, NJ, CYRO Industries is the innovative supplier of specialty acrylic solutions to existing and emerging markets in the Americas. Formed in 1976 as a joint partnership between CYTEC Industries and Rohm GmbH & Co., KG – a subsidiary of Degussa AG, CYRO has broad technological and global resources to respond to market demands. For more information about CYRO Industries, visit


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