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Industry professionals: Experience recognition at IFAI Expo 2004

Roseville, Minn. – April 29, 2004 – Held Oct. 27-29, 2004 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, IFAI Expo 2004 will serve as a testing site for IFAI Professional Certification as well as a showcase for the 2004 International Achievement Awards competition.

IFAI Professional Certification

IFAI Expo 2004 presents a valuable opportunity for specialty fabrics industry professionals to test their skills and knowledge in order to achieve an IFAI Professional Certification. The application deadline for testing at IFAI Expo 2004 is Aug. 16, 2004.

IFAI offers four professional certifications – Industrial Fabrics Manager (IFM); Master Fabric Craftsman (MFC); Certified Craftsman (CC); and Certified Project Planner (CPP) – that test expertise in applicable specialty areas. Candidates who successfully pass two or three testing phases are awarded a professional designation that acknowledges their superior skills and knowledge and their commitment to the industry. Certification gives recipients a competitive advantage and the opportunity to be a part of an exclusive, prestigious group of industry leaders.

The IFM professional certification identifies superior knowledge of the principles and practices of business and organizational management. Candidates demonstrate excellence in two of four specialty areas including marketing, production, finance or personnel.

Two manufacturing certifications, MFC and CC, are designed to test skill and knowledge levels of all components of design, construction and installation applicable to any of the following product areas: Awnings/Canopies, Banners/Flags, Marine Interior, Marine Exterior, and Truck Covers and Tarps.

The CPP professional certification identifies excellence in the design, salesmanship and product planning of awnings/canopies and banners/flags as well as general knowledge of the manufacturing stages.

IFAI Expo 2004 also will host a Professional Certification Orientation Session on Oct. 28, from 4:30-5:30 p.m. for professionals who want more information about the certification programs, guidelines, phases and open discussion with certified professionals.

If you are interested in achieving an IFAI Professional Certification during IFAI Expo 2004, visit to download a .PDF request form and fax back to IFAI at +1 651 631 9334 or contact Jill Rutledge at IFAI, +1 651 225 6981, e-mail

2004 International Achievement Awards

Since 1949, the IFAI International Achievement Awards competition has been honoring specialty fabrics end-product manufacturers for projects that reflect their innovative ideas, ability to meet their clients’ needs and efforts to overcome challenges.

Using 26 unique categories, the world-class competition recognizes projects in markets including: air and tension structures, awnings and canopies, banners and flags, marine, tent, architectural structures, graphics, trade show booths, interior projects, interactive and cold air inflatables, geosynthetics, industrial applications, safety and protective, and medical.

2004 International Achievement Awards competition entries will be showcased at IFAI Expo 2004. Winners of the Awards of Excellence and Outstanding Achievement Awards will be announced during the IFAI Expo 2004 Awards Breakfast.

Winning an International Achievement Award serves as excellent internal and external publicity for small companies and large corporations alike.

“We enter the International Achievement Awards competition in order to motivate our employees and to promote our projects to customers,” said Mr. Motonobu Nohmura, Taiyo Kogyo Corporation.

International Achievement Award winners garner global industry and media recognition for their innovative contributions to the specialty fabrics industry. Winners are featured in multiple industry publications including Fabric Architecture, Marine Fabricator, Upholstery Journal, GFR, InTents, and a special supplement to the Industrial Fabric Products Review.

IFAI members may submit up to four entries free of charge. The final deadline for submitting entries is July 15, 2004. IFAI members and nonmembers are eligible to participate in the competition.

Project entries must include photos of outstanding specialty fabric projects and descriptions of their unique characteristics. Entered projects must have been completed by July 1, 2002. To receive an entry brochure, contact

Christine Malmgren at +1 651 225 6926,

e-mail or

download the brochure at


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