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Haas Automation Records Best Year Ever

Haas Automation, Inc. of Oxnard, California reports that 2006 was the most productive year in the company’s history, with CNC machine tool production of more than 12,500 units – up almost 25 percent over 2005 – and a nearly 30-percent increase in revenues to more than $740 million. The 2006 numbers reinforce Haas Automation’s position as the largest unit-volume builder of CNC machine tools in the world, and the largest dollar-volume builder in North America.

All Haas products are built in the company’s 1-million-square-foot manufacturing facility in Southern California. They are distributed worldwide through a global network of Haas Factory Outlets (HFOs) that provide the industry’s best sales, service and support. In 2006, Haas opened 20 new HFOs, primarily in international markets; the company plans to open another 30 HFOs worldwide in 2007.

Haas General Manager Bob Murray states that, “The HFO concept – providing customers (wherever they are) with local access to Haas products, sales, replacement parts and factory-trained service personnel – is one of the driving forces behind Haas’ global success. We had a very, very good year,” he adds. “We have the right company, the right people and the right products. Everyone working together made all of this possible.”

For 2007, Murray expects revenues to increase to more than $800 million, with production hitting around 14,000 machines. A large number of those machines will be new models. “We continually introduce new products, and work to make our current models better,” he explains. “It’s all part of the constant evolution of Haas.” Around a dozen new products were introduced in 2006, and another dozen or so are expected in 2007.
For more information about Haas Automation or Haas products, call 800-331-6746, or visit  on the Internet.


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